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Since our inception in 2012, DAC Asia has emerged as a major online advertising network in Southeast Asia with thriving subsidiaries in Thailand and Indonesia. Recently, we have extended our reach by establishing i-dac Vietnam in 2022, further strengthening our regional network and providing advanced digital technology and marketing services to the Vietnam market.

Since our inception in 2012, DAC Asia has emerged as a major online advertising network in Southeast Asia with thriving subsidiaries in Thailand and Indonesia. Recently, we have extended our reach by establishing i-dac Vietnam in 2022, further strengthening our regional network and providing advanced digital technology and marketing services to the Vietnam market.

As a subsidiary of D.A.Consortium Inc.(DAC), Japan’s leading digital marketing company and a member of the Hakuhodo DY Group, we have constantly improved our strategies and approaches to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving business. Despite unprecedented challenges, our team remains steadfast in exploring new technologies and solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

At DAC Asia, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality services and solutions. Our expertise in digital transformation (DX), customer relationship management (CRM), and other capabilities beyond digital media enable us to deliver targeted and effective advertising campaigns to the right audiences and drive meaningful interactions.

We take data-driven approach to our work, analyzing and optimizing our strategies to ensure that we deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our dedication to building long-term relationships with our partners and customers is based on trust, transparency, and collaboration.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in Southeast Asia, and we are prepared to take them on. Our goal is to become Southeast Asia's top digital agency and advance online marketing and ad technology to a new level.

Join us on this exciting journey, and witness the transformation we bring to the region.

Mitsuo Omaru
President & CEO


    President &
    {"name":"MITSUO OMARU","position":"President & CEO, DAC ASIA","html":"<p>Mr. Omaru graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Keio University in 1994 and started his career as an Account Executive at Hakuhodo Inc. in the same year. After handling several large client accounts, Mr. Omaru has been working on developing the company's global strategy, and was appointed as a Managing Director of DAC's New York office in 2000.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>In 2004, Mr. Omaru became the head of the International Department at DAC head office. Since then he has held multiple directorial positions in DAC group companies.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>As of March 2022, Mr. Omaru is the President & CEO of DAC Asia, as well as a director of i-dac Bangkok, i-dac Thailand and PT Data Arts Xperience. He is also the chairman of DAC Beijing, DAC Taiwan, and is an executive officer of DAC.<\/p>"}
    Officer (CEO)
    {"name":"FREDDY TAN","position":"Chief Executive Officer (CEO)","html":"<p>A communication graduate from the University of Canberra and MBA alumni of the University of Hull, Freddy has more than 20 years of advertising and digital marketing experience in the Hakuhodo group. He has worked on a wide variety of clients ranging from Auto, IT, FMCG, Home Appliances to Ecommerce and B2B services.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>Currently wearing two hats as CEO of i-dac Bangkok and Director of DAC Asia, his focus is to turn i-dac Bangkok into the No. 1 digital agency in Thailand and increase DAC's operations in S.E.Asia. Behind that serious look, Freddy is a sci-fi geek and an avid fan of Liverpool FC and F1 Racing.<\/p>"}
    Officer (COO)
    {"name":"MASARU KOSHIBA","position":"Chief Operating Officer (COO)","html":"<p>Masa started his professional journey with Hakuhodo in 2010, honing his skills in account management before diving into the digital realm with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners. There, he excelled in digital media planning and developing innovative solutions alongside various platforms. In 2017, Masa's expertise led him to DAC Global Business Group to bolster the Indonesia operations. By 2019, he ascended to the role of director at idac Indonesia, showcasing his leadership and strategic prowess. Today, Masa spearheads the operations at i-dac Bangkok and drives the digital strategy for H+ across the region.<\/p>"}
    Officer (CCO)
    {"name":"KYOSUKE MATSUI","position":"Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)","html":"<p>After graduating from the International Christen University in Tokyo with a bachelor degree in Information Science, Kyosuke joined DAC to start his career as a digital media planner. Since then he has devoted his career helping clients to maximize their media investment.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>After working in Japan for 7 years, Kyosuke moved to South East Asia to start DAC's operation in Indonesia as the Director of i-dac Indonesia. In 2019 he joined i-dac Bangkok's management team to strengthen the group's Thailand operation with his 15+ years experience in digital marketing in various industries and markets.<\/p>"}


    General Manager - Operations
    {"name":"SATIDA R. (JAN)","position":"General Manager - Operations","html":"<p>With an MBA in marketing from Assumption University Bangkok and a Digital Marketing Degree from New York University, combined with more than 10 years of experience with brands and agencies; Janny is an accomplished digital expert in industries such as Automotive, FMCG, F&B, Banking, Beauty industry and Real estate.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>As the Group Business Director, Janny manages multiple media teams in day-to-day campaign management and strategic media planning to achieve clients’ business goals. Besides spending time with her young daughter, Janny loves to travel, discover new culinary treats, and watch dramas.<\/p>"}
  • KANON V. (PON)
    KANON V.
    General Manager - Business Development
    {"name":"KANON V. (PON)","position":"General Manager - Business Development","html":"<p>An MBA graduate from Kasertsart University Bangkok with over 12 years of experience in account management and media planning, Pon has a deep understanding of digital marketing and a passion for delivering marketing results through tech and data. Since the start of his digital career, Pon has helped clients in Banking, Auto, Telecom, FMCG, Finserve, and F&B to grow their businesses in Thailand and S.E.Asia.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>As Group Business Director, Pon supervises several media teams in strategic planning, account management, and campaign implementation to achieve clients' business goals.<\/p>"}
    General Manager – Integrated Business (Bloom)
    {"name":"DUANGPORN P. (POOK)","position":"General Manager \u2013 Integrated Business (Bloom)","html":"<p>Pook is a highly efficient client service veteran with over 15 years of experience working with brands from almost every industry. She brings a unique combo of expertise in client management and strategic planning as the Head of Integrated Business, where she manages the digital activation unit consisting of strategists, designers, and social media specialists to create the maximum impact for clients.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>Pook has a Master of Arts Administration from Central Queensland University and a Bachelor of Communication Arts from Bangkok University. When she is not at work, Pook enjoys attending music festivals, cooking and is a self-confessed work out addict.<\/p>"}
    Chief Content Officer
    {"name":"BRYANT C.","position":"Chief Content Officer","html":"<p>Bryant Chou brings nearly two decades of experience in corporate finance, entertainment\/media and fast-scaling business growth and entrepreneurship across the US, Asia and Europe. As Chief Content Officer of I-DAC Bangkok, Bryant is responsible for expanding the content and production capabilities of DAC in market, focusing particularly on supporting Thai youth culture and creativity through Exotic Quixotic (exoticquixotic.com).<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>In the decade prior, Bryant transformed a Chinese entity, Yi Shi Yi Se, into a youth culture leader, first by developing an advertising and media business from the ground-up for the international media brand, VICE Media, and then pivoting to launch a local culture brand platform, BIE. He also brings VC investment, strategic insight, corporate development and marketing experience from his previous roles at a boutique equity research\/consulting business and a leading restructuring investment bank in NY. Bryant graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania as an early graduate in December 2002, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Management.<\/p>"}
    Group Business Director
    {"name":"WANNISSORN P. (ANG)","position":"Group Business Director","html":"<p>I am an advertising professional with a strong background in hybrid planning and digital marketing. With over 10 years of experience, I have worked with diverse clients in FMCG, Auto, Real Estate, and Banking sectors.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>From being a Digital Director to managing multiple accounts, I have consistently achieved clients' goals through effective digital strategies. I am driven by curiosity, always exploring new trends and emerging technologies in the industry. Outside of work, I am an avid traveler and food enthusiast, seeking inspiration from different cultures. I thrive in dynamic environments, leveraging my expertise to deliver impactful digital campaigns that resonate with audiences.<\/p>"}
    Head of Trading Desk and Media Solutions
    {"name":"PUNNARAS K. (GIFT)","position":"Head of Trading Desk and Media Solutions","html":"<p>Gift brings over 6 years of combined programmatic, trading, and digital technology experience to lead our team of high-performing media trading specialists. She is instrumental in transforming our trading capabilities to achieve the best search excellence score in Thailand, and improving our operational efficiency to ensure best-in-class performance for clients’ investment.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>Gift received her Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology. She is also a certified Meta trainer and Digital Guru Black Belt.<\/p>"}
    Head of Production
    {"name":"THAMMARAT T. (PLUM)","position":"Head of Production","html":"<p>A graduate of Nanzan University in Japan and with over a decade of experience in Digital and Web Production, Plum has produced websites, applications and digital events for government offices and international brands from the FMCG, Auto and Consumer Electronics industries.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>As Head of Production, he leads our talented team of producers and project managers and uses the most engaging and valuable user experience to guide the development and design of our clients' projects.<\/p>"}
    SAYAM D.
    Interactive Director
    {"name":"SAYAM D. (BOOD)","position":"Interactive Director","html":"<p>With a degree from Burapha University Faculty in Fine and Applied Arts, Bood brings over 2 decades of industry experience in international advertising companies, including 4 years in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. He has helped push the creative limits for brands across various industries, especially in Auto and FMCG.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<p>A firm believer in creating great creatives from a deep understanding of the target audience and practical marketing plans, Bood is also a history lover because "only by studying history can we truly understand the present and predict the future".<\/p>"}

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